Frequently Asked Questions - Kumu

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kumu?

Kumu is a mobile playground for Filipino communities. We provide livestream shows, group chats, and a fun way to make money - all in one app.

How do I get Kumu?

Kumu is available for download on the App Store or Google Play. Links are on the home page.

How do I help out with Beta testing?

1. Download the kumu app. 2. Whenever you come across a bug or an unexpected experience or want to request a feature, shake your phone, and send us your thoughts. 3. Join the Ask Kumu Group chat if you’d like to join the Beta Testers Kumunity.

I no longer have access to the phone number I used to create my account. How do I change it?

Please contact us.

Is Kumu free?

Livestream shows, messaging, video calls, and voice calls will always be free on kumu.

Can I use Kumu outside of Philippines?

Absolutely. You can interact with fellow members of the kumu communit anywhere in the world provided you have internet access.

How do I invite more friends to use Kumu?

Tap on “Friends" > Phone Contacts in the User tab to invite your friends via SMS.

Does Kumu require a mobile data connection?

You need an internet connection to have fun on kumu. It could either be Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Can I use Kumu on my laptop/desktop ?

We currently do not have a desktop app.

Can I run Kumu on multiple devices at once?

No. You can only be logged into one device at a time. When you try to sign in to a second device, your previous device will be deactivated.

Can I access my chat history from another device?

No. Your chat history is saved on your device, not on kumu’s servers.

I'm not receiving push notifications on Android

Please check out our blog post about notifications.

What is this Timeline when I first enter Kumu?

Timeline enables you to see any photos, upcoming or recorded livestreams and status updates from people in your network.

What are Livestreams?

Every kumu user has the ability to livestream. You can see the list of upcoming livestreams on the Explore Tab on the Kumu app.

How do I delete a post or image from my Timeline?

You can press on the down icon on the top right of the post and a “delete” button will appear over the post.

Who can see my Timeline posts?

You can change your privacy settings by going to the User tab, pressing “Edit Profile,” and setting your Timeline Privacy to “Myself”, “Friends”, or “Everyone”

How do I cash out?

View more info about cashing out here.

What are upcoming Kumu features?

Stay tuned and regularly check our blog to hear more product updates! Send us feedback & feature requests as well — perhaps the next Kumu feature will come from you!

Can’t find what you need?

Feel free to mail us on our contact page and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

How do I manage my push notifications?

1) For chats, you can slide(iOS)/hold down the chat thread on message list to mute them. All kumunity chats are by default muted. 2) For livestream, you can goto Settings->Notifications to mute them. If you want to mute group livestreams, you can go to the Group Settings screen.