Win P5000 on Quiz Mo 'Ko!

Test your smarts in our new livestream game show. Join us for the pilot on Friday, August 10!

To celebrate the launch of Kumu, we're excited to premiere Quiz Mo Ko: our first livestream game show where anyone can play to win a cash prize!

Here's how to get started:

  1. Download or make sure your on the latest version of Kumu on the App Store or Google Play Store!
  2. Follow "Quiz Mo Ko" on the Explore tab! This will make sure that you get notified about all future game shows.
  3. Join the show on August 10! Press on the push notification or join through the Explore tab.
  4. Answer all 10 questions and win a prize! We'll be splitting P5000 between all the game show winners. Cash out your earnings at your local LBC or via Paypal!


Is it open to all countries?
Yes, anyone in the world can play and winnings will be converted into your local currency via your PayPal Account.

How much money can I win?
The total pot money will be announced prior to each game, and this prize will be divided evenly by the number of winners who answer every question correctly. For example, if the total prize is PHP 5000.00 and 10 players win, then each winner will receive PHP 500.00.

There is no limit to how much money you can win over several games.

What is an Extra Life and how do I earn it?
Getting a question wrong or not answering a question on time means instant elimination -- unless you have an Extra Life, which will automatically bring you back in the game for a second change. Only One Extra Life can be used per game.

You can an Extra Life by inviting a friend to play and giving them your referral code, which is identical to your username.

Where can I cash out my winnings?
At your local LBC or via Paypal. View more information about cashing out 

Is there a minimum amount cashing out?
There is no minimum to cashing out winnings from the Quiz Mo Ko game.

I'm having a problem processing a cash out. What should I do?
Please go to our Contact Us page and let us know what issues you are experiencing. We will investigate and reply promptly.