Kumu brings communities together to unlock the power of the Philippines.

We are a global group of creatives, technologists, entrepreneurs, and diehard fans of a Filipino culture bursting with creativity and potential.

Rooted in a history of strength and persistence, the Filipino people have always been excellent. Before being colonized, we were already global and connected. Today, our people are scattered, our roads overflowing, our institutions a mess, our infrastructure controlled by multinationals. Yet the Filipino spirit lives on.

Our goal at Kumu is to create a platform for Pinoy power by making life easier and bringing communities closer. Creativity and excellence has always been in our blood; through media and technology, we aim to move that creativity beyond ideas, beyond action, towards movement and momentum. Our ambition is no less than to enable the future of the global Filipino community.

We start by taking back our internet. Revolutions are happening across Asia; they call this period in history the Asian Century. The tide is turning. We hope you join us in creating a future that is powered by Filipino culture, with its secret sauce made of one part hugot, two parts creative ingenuity, and a whole lot of love.

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